03 September, 2020
Speaker of the Day: Liz Jenkins – AIO
03 September 2020
Pre-Meeting Chatter: great boat ride last night! MRC sale went well! Coffee Mug presentations! Presidential 8 ball states all is good!
Buckets on the Table: Backpack Program (drop off donations to Kim at the bank in Camden –next to Hannaford- or mail to PO Box)
Poem for the Day: Rodney Lynch – Collection of Youthful Remembrances, Next Week – Susan Dorr
Speaker of the Day: Liz Jenkins – AIO
Board President of AIO, leading a 2 years effort to transform the organization. Project Manager during the day! The new building opened yesterday! AIO has benefited from many of the West Bay projects and is appreciative of all our efforts. AIO founded 30 years ago for food and energy assistance. Gearing up for the heating assistance program starting in November. Bought the building next door and developed a team to make the process for folk better. AIO needed a bigger space! 8 new clients in the first day of new building, the need is indeed growing in our community. Expanded hours to serve around 35 families a day. Offering a summer lunch kit (35-50) every Monday for 5 days of lunches. So far in line for extension to meet continued needs during Covid. Weekend Meal Program is being developed as need is present, starting in mid-September. Open to any family in Knox County. 360 bags a week last year and assume the number will increase this school year.
Heating team is starting up, AOI makes calls for clients and orders the 100 gallons for the client. $320 on average per 100 gal. $100K budget item for AOI. New logo: More Food, More Energy, More Often! AIO now has 3 part time paid staff now that has joined the volunteers! Good Shepard, Lewiston, is the main provider for food needs. Also, Cisco, Native Maine and accepting food donations. Go to AIO website for donations or mail to PO BOX 113, Rockland 04841. Old building will be used for a community kitchen, hopefully starting this fall! There are 9 food pantries in Knox County. Hours vary with each site.
Committee Reports:
Barbara H– Backpacks – 71 filled backpacks given out as of today. High School would like 10. We are looking at face masks, members have volunteered to make some, may need to buy a few.
Deb Hitchings: letter from our student, working with the realities of Covid.
Community: Next Habitat Project is Sept 12th. Let Tim Dresser know if you are interested in hanging out with some builders! We can have as many volunteers from now on, so Come Join Us!!
Leamon: Mid Coast Recovery and Camden food pantry are working together to provide families with food. There is a community dinner once a week with food provided by Camden Food Pantry.
Joan LeMole: Interact Zoom Meetings are running for officers and looking for outdoor events
MRC Yard Sale: Great Sale! Big shout out to Lisa and Tim Dresser! MRC invited us to be involved again this year, this year there was no separation between the two groups. This resulted in consolidation and splitting the proceeds. MRC monies will be going to scholarships for programs in MRC. We brought in around $2000 this year. Salvation Army came at the end and we are allowing other organizations to pick up and remove (free). This will be set up through the end of next week!
Corn Hole: Should be seeing some press and team signup sheet on line. 5 corporate sponsors so far. A raffle will be held at the event, asking for Artist’s work to be raffled. Food truck will be onsite. (…and alcoholic beverages!) Looking for 40 teams, maybe 15 signed up so far. Sat Sept 26th.
Kristen: book club is The Nightingale, Kristin Hannah, Tuesday 430, Sept 8th by Zoom!
Face to Face/ Zoom Hybrid Meetings: American Legion Hall is the spot we are considering. No food and will socially space.
Next Week’s Speaker: Alden Robbins/Lumber Generation