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February 21, 2019
Rotarian Speakers!

21 February 2019

Buckets on the Table: Knox County Homeless Coalition

Speakers of the Day!

Marty Martens – Rotarian for 20 years - A Yankee Stripper! Owner of Antique Treasures, big supporter of PAWS, and is on the board at Quarry Hill, Patient quality control. Marty has also been a member of the United Midcoast Charity. The antique world is changing with younger buyers. Marty sells furniture, anything unique and interesting as well as selling on consignment.

Jim Potter – Joined Rotary in 2005 and has chaired the Vocational Committee since 2007. Jim is a native of Dumas Arkansas, graduated from University of Arkansas with a degree in Business. After college, Jim entered the Army (transportation corps) and was sent to Germany. In 1964, Jim took a job in the grain trading business eventually moving to St Louis in 1970. Jim started his own recruiting business in the 80’s and worked till retiring to Camden. Jim’s wife fell in love with the Maine coast and wanted to retire here, so they began vacationing in all seasons til they were both ready to retire.

Bruce Malone – Bruce likes working with his hands and being active….not a desk guy! Bruce owns his own boat shop and prefers wood boats (not so much fiberglass) with his favorite boat being the canoe! Bruce was born in New Hampshire, attended the University of NH majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Bruce first lived in Boston, working for a company the built nuclear power plants. He later moved to San Francisco but found he missed the four seasons! While in San Fran, he worked for a company that built steel capital goods. In 1966, he moved to Maine and found a job in a boat yard which later led to starting his own boat business. Bruce likes to travel and has a daughter living in NY City. Bruce says “Rotary gets me out into the world”!


Resignation of member Maria Libby was accepted by board.

International – First phase of water project in Tanzania complete, second phase is in process ($85K), begins later this year.

Community – Habitat project will be indoors and takes place in the next few weeks, there will be a project at the Camden Chamber, May 10TH Special Olympics, PAWS path, attempt at painting the toboggan shute during the summer! Lots of opportunities to volunteer!

Wheel chair project – 280 chairs going to the Dominican Republic

Fellowship – Thank you to George and Jan! Next month, The Jack in Camden…Tuesday or Wednesday night?

Kristin: Book Club, March 12, 430 pm, Where the Crawdads Sing

E waste – Sat April 20th, looking good!

Amazon Smile earned us $111 for the quarter!

Next Week’s Speaker: Shelly Butler/Kim Palermo - CABG